We seek to build relationships with organizations through open communication. We evaluate grantees based on five criteria. 

-Leadership. We believe that supporting the right person in the right organization is essential. Leaders create, sustain, and build movements.  
-Mission. Like people, missions statements drive organizations. So, we would like to know why your organization exists. What is the main purpose? 
-Fruitfulness. Even though past fruitfulness may not ensure future success, it does show that an organization is on the right track. 
-Frontline. Sharing resources in areas where there is a need is another important criterion. Ad Fontes desires to help people break into new areas. 
-Sustainability. Finally, we believe that sustainability is important. The best organizations are the ones that can generate enough support to keep moving on.

Another way we can help is through networking. If you let us know what your organization is doing, we may be able to get you in contact with others who are likeminded.