We are new to the non-profit world, but we have helped with various projects around the world for the past twenty years in education, disaster relief, medicine, and much more. A few friends felt it was time to devote more of our time, energy, and resources to start a new organization. 

For those who are not familiar with Latin, ad fontes is a prepositional phrase, which means, “back to the sources.”  We choose this name, because it has two important meanings.

First, during the Renaissance many people used this phrase to convey their desire to go back to the pinnacle of classical learning.  Who could blame them? Most would agree that the classical world was one of the high points of civilization. In light of this, we desire to go back to the sources in helping people in something as basic as education. Good education is the foundation of healthy societies.

Second, if we take ad fontes more literally, we can translate the phrase to mean back to the fountain or spring. This sense connotes that we all have basic needs, such as water, to thrive as humans. To share what we have so that more will have what they need is to be humane. We promise to do our best to make a difference. We hope that you will join us.